Lisanne de Jonge

CrossFit trainer

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

I first discovered CrossFit in August 2021. I was looking for some extra spice in addition to field hockey, a sport I have been doing since childhood. I moved and came to live on a street with a CrossFit box. Pure coincidence! I visited and was sold: the atmosphere, the community, and the endless variety of workouts are so much fun!

And then? Well, I didn’t quit. CrossFit became my absolute number one sport. In the process, I wanted to become a sports coach for a long time. I used to teach field hockey to kids, which I loved. Because CrossFit went so well, I soon started doing my CrossFit Level 1. This was such a cool weekend with all CrossFit fanatics! At the same time, I learned so much about the basics of CrossFit that I wanted to start sharing my enthusiasm for CrossFit.

Almost immediately after my Level 1, I started an internship and have been a trainer ever since. It makes me so happy when I see people get just a little bit better with my tips and start achieving their own goals as a result. What also makes each class fun is seeing how people first do the warm-up with a lot of concentration, then burn off all their energy, only to leave with a satisfied face and a smile. Ready for the next challenge!

By continuing to learn myself through CrossFit courses, I hope to be able to help and guide our members more and more to achieve their goals. Step by step, we will get there together. Hope to see you at training soon!

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Judges Course
  • CrossFit Spot The Flaw
  • CrossFit Anatomy
  • Nutrition & Health Minor
  • Welift Traning Camp