Monthly subscriptions

Thanks for being interested in becoming part of our community! CrossFit YouAct offers various monthly CrossFit subscriptions so you can choose what suits you best. A CrossFit subscription gives you access to all training sessions. So every day, you can choose from the WOD, gymnastics, strongman, Olympic lifting or endurance. It also gives you access to our SportBit app, which allows you to sign up for classes and track your progress. Finally, you gain access to our closed Facebook group for members.

New to CrossFit?

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Do you have experience with CrossFit?

If you’re an experienced CrossFitter, we’d like to get to know you first through a personal intake at our box. Sign up below via SportBit.

It is recommended to limit the WODs to a maximum of three times per week. This prevents strain and allows you to maintain the high intensity of the WOD. You can choose to supplement your training with other programmes, such as gymnastics or strongman.

Other programs