Good nutrition for good exercise

Did you know that the right nutrition can make you a better athlete? Nutrition is just as important as your training! Therefore, at Crossfit YouAct, you can focus on improving more than just your fitness: we tackle your health completely! That’s why we offer nutrition coaching in addition to group training and personal training.

Your nutrition in order

At YouAct, we strongly believe in the power of healthy and whole foods tailored to your unique lifestyle. No strict diets, fast-acting shakes, meal replacements or pills. Our vision for nutrition is simple: it’s about making sustainable, healthy choices that fit your lifestyle, needs and goals.

For any purpose

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, improve your athletic performance or just generally live a healthier life, our nutrition coach is here for you. We offer personalized guidance and support to ensure that you get the right nutritional recommendations suited to your goals and preferences.

Personal nutrition coach

When you start working on your nutrition, you don’t just end up with a coach. Coach Kim is a certified nutritionist and has experience coaching CrossFit athletes, other athletes and non-athletes. Kim understands that nutrition is an important part of your athletic performance. She is happy to offer you the tools and knowledge to build and maintain a healthy relationship with food. Best of all: that way you keep more time to focus on your training!

For all

We understand that nutritional advice is different for everyone. That’s why we offer an appropriate customized program for each individual: whether you’ve never exercised before, just started CrossFit or have been competing for several years and are curious to see if you can take the next step with the right nutrition. So you don’t have to exercise at YouAct to get nutritional advice!

The first step

Are you interested in improving your nutrition? Then we always start with an intake so we can get a good picture of you and your nutritional goals. With a few questions, we’ll find out how we can best help you. After the intake, together we draw up a plan that suits you: it’s different for everyone.

Getting Started

Together we tackle your diet. We make appointments with each other, which can take place either online or on location. It has to fit into your schedule, of course! Next, the coach creates a nutrition plan. You get access to a nutrition app, where you can not only keep track of your meals, but also find personalized recipes geared toward your goals. Convenient and tasty of course!

You can start with our coach from as little as €180 per month. Contact us today to get started with your nutrition.

Any questions?

If so, please contact us or fill out the form directly. We’d love to help you get off to a healthy start!