Team training

When you train in a group different dynamics unfold. Everyone motivates each other and works towards a certain goal together. Whether this is for competitions or individual performance. The group keeps motivating each other until the last exercise has been performed. You have to experience this energy! Sometimes a quick complaint about how tough it is, but nobody quits.

Team training at YouAct

We provide team trainings to companies and sports associations, for example. But you can also hire a trainer with a few friends. For example, we used to give group trainings to the Lage Landen for a long time. We also introduce rowing clubs, hockey teams, people from the hospitality industry and even police teams to CrossFit through team training.

“If you can handle this lesson, the rest of the day is a piece of cake.”

Would team training suit you?

Our team training sessions are playful and creative and focus on cooperation. Together, you keep moving closer to the goal! This gets you out of your comfort zone more easily, working on your perseverance. Not only during training, but especially in your daily life and work. You get to know and maybe even push your physical boundaries. Find out whether you may have exceeded these boundaries already and have to take a step back.

Personal attention to technique

During the training we of course motivate you to exercise as intensively as possible, but the quality of the exercises comes first. That’s why our trainers give everyone personal attention. We pay attention to technique and safety so you can use your body as effectively as possible. This is also how you prevent injuries.