Mila van Leeuwen

CrossFit Kids trainer

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

Hi, I’m Mila van Leeuwen and sports is in my blood. From the moment I got my swimming certificate, I was unstoppable. I tried out all kinds of things, but once I stepped into the gym, I quickly felt at home. I was doing well, competing and teaching young children.

After several years, I noticed that the graceful movements of gymnastics didn’t quite suit me anymore. Then I took a trial class at a CrossFit box. And from that day on, I was converted.

Sweating during WOD, the sound of the weights during Olympic weightlifting, or practicing during gymnastics class to master a new trick: every day I feel so much like going. I have been competing in CrossFit competitions since 2023. I am really enjoying this and I want to have many more such CrossFit adventures in the future.

I also love transferring my passion for this crazy sport to children. That’s why I started teaching CrossFit Kids classes. How cool is that?

I look forward to seeing you in the box, see you soon!