Albertho Bolenius

CrossFit trainer

“I never lose, I either win or I learn.”

– Nelson Mandela

From my early childhood, I have always played a lot of sports. Baseball, muay thai (kickboxing), karate, triathlon, scuba diving, you name it. I enjoyed it all, I did everything with abandon and a lot of fun. In 2016, I started CrossFit at YouAct.

I started with once a week, soon went to twice a week. My first Benchmark workout was Murph and after my first CrossFit Open and Youact Throwdown experience, I was all over it!

Since I am not the biggest, I am not jumping when wall balls or box jumps are on the program. Still, I always go for it 100%! CrossFit trains me in everything: fitness, strength, mobility… Even though I didn’t start CrossFit until I was 44, it is a sport for everyone and all ages. Therefore, I am proud to be a CrossFit Master.

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I teach CrossFit classes to our youth (ages 6 to 15), as well as to our adults.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Judge
  • CrossFit Anatomy
  • CrossFit Scaling
  • IAMTF / WMTA master instructor
  • KNBSB Youth trainer/coach
  • KNBSB Empire Class A