CrossFit Workout Of the Day (WOD)

Your program is based on the CrossFit WOD training program. You can participate after the CrossFit introduction course. These sessions offer all what fits into CrossFit and our methods. The lessons are given in groups with a maximum of 12 participants and are one hour each.

Be careful: avoid the risk of injury due to overtraining. We advise you not to participate in more than three sessions a week and have a rest day after every two CrossFit WOD training sessions. This will increase intensity with which you can do the workouts. The higher the intensity, the better the result.

Does this mean three sessions a week is the absolute maximum? Most certainly not. You’ve got to be an experienced athlete to do more. Although the intensity of three sessions a week is enough, you could also add CrossFit specialty workouts. In these workouts we aim to improve your expertise in one of the many unique aspects of CrossFit. The specific intensity of these workouts makes them compatible with the CrossFit WOD training sessions.


CrossFit Workout Of the Day.  

Consists of / Prices:

  • A. 5 sessions per month € 47,50,- per month.
  • B. 9 sessions per month: € 57,50,- per month.
  • C. 13 sessions per month: € 67,50- per month.
  • D. 21 sessions per month: € 77,50- per month.

CrossFit 10 sessions card:
€ 125,- valid for 6 months)

1 hour.

Number of participants:       
Maximum of 12.


*These subscriptions are also valid for CrossFit-specialty training sessions