CrossFit Olympisch Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is another way to develop and hone all 10 physical CrossFit skills. This workout enables you to improve control of the barbell in the clean & jerk and in the snatch, the two Olympic lifts. Besides these two movements there is an enormous variation of extra workouts practiced by weightlifters. The aim of the workouts is not only to lift as much as possible with pure strength, but to master the techniques to lift the weight above your head. During these workouts we regularly use video analyses to give you some extra feedback on your performance.

In official weightling, the Olympic weightlifter gets three turns for every element where he/she can choose his/her own way to lift his/her highest possible weight. Generally, there is enough time to recover from every lift in between turns. Coping with tiredness and shortness of breath is less important during a match. When training, a weightlifter needs to lift a weight far more often to get better and stronger. In a CrossFit WOD the movement is usually different: the athlete has to lift the bar more frequently, thus taking less time for this, and the weight is generally lower. These olympic lifting movements are combined with other elements in a WOD. That takes a lot more of your cardiovascular system! Our CrossFit weightlifting workouts can be compared more to a traditional weightlifting workout than a regular WOD.


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