CrossFit introduction course

Your intake

If you want to start training with CrossFit YouAct, you'll first have a personal intake. During this intake, you can also watch one of our trainings to get a feeling of CrossFit. You can schedule an intake with one of our trainers via our website.

Your course

The course consists of 8 sessions, one hour each. You can choose what you want: a quick introduction or a slower way of adjusting. There are 4 sessions every week. Every session has its own program. You can start with any session you want. You can choose up to two sessions a week to prevent you from overtraining. We’ve got a maximum of 8 participants for each session. Don’t worry if the schedule of the introduction course is inconvenient for you. Together we can always come up with a solution. If you seriously want to continue with CrossFit or specialty trainings at YouAct, you have to finish all 8 sessions.

What you will be doing during the introduction course

During the course you’ll receive an introduction into the basics of moving and training. Most of the time you will be physically active. We always start carefully, concentrating on your athletic level. Whatever level your at, we’ve always got an intense end to every session.

If you’re injured in any way: don’t worry, we’ll help you cope with it and work around the injury.

After the sessions we’ll look back at what you’ve done by going deeper into the theory and the philosophy of CrossFit and our own interpretation of CrossFit.

You’ve finished the introduction course

After the 8 sessions you should have an idea of what CrossFit is about in our gym. You’re now ready to join our WODS and/or our specialty lessons! It’s completely up to you to continue and subscribe to one of our programs.


CrossFit introduction course

Consists of:                              
an individual intake + 8 sessions + wrist wraps

€ 85,00.

8 sessions of 1 hour

Number of participants:      
maximum of 8


Would you like to get to know us at CrossFit YouAct? Please leave your details in the waiting list. We'll contact you the moment a spot opens up. The waiting time is approximately one month.

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