CrossFit Gymnastics

In the CrossFit context gymnastics means: workouts done with only your own body weight. Our CrossFit gymnastics lesson is specifically about this concept. During the training we also include classical gymnastic exercises. A gymnast has a good control over his body and is aware of his position in every move he makes: upside down, doing a back flip, a pull up, whatever….. He is an expert when it comes to coordination, balance, precision and agility. Even though a gymnast only has to move his own body weight, he has to be incredibly strong and swift as well!

Gymnastics is an artistic sport, the performance depending on the judgment of a jury. A gymnast aims for a perfect presentation of his performance, a persevering and patient perfectionist. CrossFit Gymnastics implies the use of the more basic elements for the gymnast. This is challenging enough already for most of the CrossFit athletes!

CrossFit Gymnastics can be done at any level. Everyone can participate.


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