Nathan Goossens

  • Owns CrossFit YouAct with Frouke Oonk
  • Msc. Sportfysiotherapeut i.o.
  • CrossFit Level 1 trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 trainer
  • CrossFit Power Lifting
  • CrossFit Gymnastics 
  • Active course  Weightlifting for top Performances
  • Eleiko Strength Coach Level I
  • Strongman training under the instructions of Niels Gordijn
  • Trainer karate recreational and top-class sport level


I come from top-class sport karate. In 2010 I started CrossFit to support my activities in karate. I’ve been a CrossFit Trainer since 2011. Besides that, I’m a physiotherapist, specialized in problems of the shoulder and the knee. CrossFit and Physiotherapy are a perfect match. That’s why I got interested in CrossFit in the first place. It’s a very good way to actively improve your health or, if necessary, to recover from a physical problem.

In addition, I like to work with top-class athletes as a Strength & Condition Coach. I’ve been managing CrossFit Youact with Frouke since 2017 and I now work here on a full time basis.