Timetable and prices

At CrossFit YouAct you can choose from various subscriptions to participate in the lessons. You can pick whatever fits your owns schedule. With a CrossFit subscription you can access WODs, specialty trainings, and bootcamp. You're also invited to join our closed Facebookpage for members. All monthly subscriptions can be terminated per month. You can choose from the following subscriptions:

Prices Crossfit YouAct

5 x per month 
€ 47,50 per month

9 x per month
€ 57,50 per month

13 x per month
€ 67,60 per month

21 x per month
€77,50 per month

10 sessions card CrossFit (1 hour)  
€ 125,00 (valid for 6 months)

Introduction: 8 training sessions (1 hour) + intake (30 minutes)             
€ 85,00 including wrist wraps

10 sessions card Bootcamp (1 hour)  
€ 85,00 (valid for 6 months)

*We advise you to not participate in too many WODs if you're just starting with CrossFit. It's best not to do more than three sessions a week. You might overtrain and you won’t be able to live up to the high intensity of the training sessions. You can choose one of our other classes, such as bootcamp, or one of our specialty trainings to dial down the intensity.


*Please note the following: With a CrossFit subscription you can swap a CrossFit training for a bootcamp training. With a bootcamp subscription you can't choose a CrossFit training.

Other services

  • Personal training € 60,00 (with a maximum of 3 participants every session)
  • Group training Upon request
  • Bootcamp  € 85,00 for a 10 sessions card


 Is CrossFit new for you and do you wish to have an intake and take the introduction course? Please sign up below for the waiting list. Unfortunately we're currently running at full capacity. The current waiting time is about a month. We'll contact you the moment a spot opens up. 

Waiting list




  • Summer schedule: 16th July - 30th September: there might be some changes, depending on attendance


Would you like to get to know us at CrossFit YouAct? Please leave your details in the waiting list. We'll contact you the moment a spot opens up. The waiting time is approximately one month.

Waiting list


CrossFit Youact
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5613 DH Eindhoven

Call 06 41 56 43 90 or 06 51 80 08 22