To start with CrossFit at CrossFit Youact we make a difference between people who have and who haven't got experience with CrossFit. Do you already have some experience? Then you can start with two try-out lessons. Have you never tried CrossFit before? We'll introduce you to CrossFit in a free intake. After the intake you can decide to start with the CrossFit introduction course.

CrossFit WOD

Within CrossFit the regular trainings are called Workout Of the Day (WOD). In these WODs all aspects of CrossFit will some day come into play. The movements, structure, and time change daily.


Next to the WODs, we offer the possibility to increase your level in a specific part of CrossFit. These lessons are called the specialty trainings. We offer olympic lifting, strongman, gymnastics, and endurance. 


Experienced CrossFitters from a different box regularly pay a visit to our box to join one of our trainings. This is what we call a drop-in.


Do you prefer to workout outside? You're welcome to follow a try-out lesson.

Personal training

We offer personal training sessions to people with a specific goal and where one-on-one training provides that extra push forward.  


Would you like to get to know us at CrossFit YouAct? Please leave your details in the waiting list. We'll contact you the moment a spot opens up. The waiting time is approximately one month.

Waiting list


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