CrossFit YouAct: Doing the common uncommonly well

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Would you like to get to know CrossFit Youact? Please leave your details on the waiting list below. We're currently running at full capacity. As soon as a spot opens up, we'll invite you for an intake. You will probably be on the waiting list for about a month.

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The sport of fitness 

CrossFit is the sport of fitness. The principle of CrossFit is being fit, overall and fully. To achieve this we don’t choose one particular approach. We get the best from different kinds of sports, from our natural ways of moving and from activities we come across in our everyday life. We don’t believe in one unique system. That’s why we acknowledge the importance of evidence-based innovation.

For us, teaching physical training is a craft. Every training is therefore guided by one of our specialists. All our trainers either have a top-class sport background, are physiotherapists or have developed their profession in another way.

Challenge yourself and chase your dreams

YouAct is all about you! You will join a small-scale organization and we’ll really get to know each other. Regardless of your age, fitness, health or ambition, we want to help you become better. However, results don’t come without work. It’s up to you! Do you feel responsible for your own health? Are you prepared to work hard? Are you persistent when it comes to your aims? In that case, CrossFit YouAct might be the right fit for you.

CrossFit YouAct is all about you! Are you prepared to work hard?