Terms and conditions


1 By registering with CrossFit YouAct you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as written below.

2 For minors (under the age of 16) written consent by a parent or legal guardian is required.


1 CrossFit YouAct and/or staff and trainers do not accept any liability for damage, loss or theft to property belonging to the member.

2 CrossFit YouAct and/or staff and trainers do not accept any liability for personal or physical injury or resulting damage.

3 The member hereby declares that he/she will perform the sport exclusively at his/her own account and risk. This means that all costs from any incident, accident and/or injury in the broadest sense of the word will be the complete responsibility of the member.

4 The member is aware of the fact that practicing certain types of sports involves risks, and that he/she will take full responsibility for any (consequential) damage that may result from the practice of these sports at his/her own risk.

5 The member will fully and completely indemnify CrossFit YouAct and/or its management and trainers against all third-party claims in the broadest sense of the word.


1 The membership concerning 10 session cards and monthly subscriptions are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties.

2 The membership is defined as a contract of indefinite duration and runs until cancellation.

3 If the membership is not cancelled timely it will be automatically renewed for the same period of time.

4 There is a membership cancellation period of one calendar month starting on the first of the following month and should be done via SportBit. For example, if you wish to stop you membership on March 1st you would need to cancel your membership on January 31st, otherwise the monthly fee will be charged.

5 Memberships can be updated at any time via SportBit. Membership changes will begin at the start of next calendar month and the new rate will be calculated immediately. The member is not entitled to a refund or compensation in any form whatsoever.

6 Memberships can be paused at any time. However, the minimum duration of a membership pause is a full calendar month. Membership pauses can only start on the 1st of the following month. Please contact us via e-mail (info@youact) no more than 10 days before the start of the membership pause month.


1 CrossFit YouAct reserves the right to change opening hours.

2 CrossFit YouAct reserves the right to cancel classes or change opening hours during public holidays.

3 CrossFit YouAct reserves the right to postpone or cancel scheduled classes due to limited number of participants, vacation, illness of the instructor, unforeseeable circumstances, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of CrossFit YouAct without right to refund or compensation in any form.

4 In the event of the long-term absence of a CrossFit trainer from CrossFit YouAct, CrossFit YouAct will, under no obligation, return to its regularly scheduled lessons as soon as possible.


1 The membership fee agreed at registration can be increased by CrossFit YouAct at any time.

2 If membership fees are not paid within 14 calendar days, the member will have one last opportunity to pay sufficient balance or to pay the amount due him or herself.

3 If the member, after a period of four weeks, still has not paid their membership fees, we will hand the claim and all remaining installments of the subscription over to a third party. All additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the member.

4 Membership fees are due even if the member, for whatever reason, is not able to participate in the lessons. This is only different if the participant has explicitly obtained permission from CrossFit YouAct after the participant has submitted a written request to CrossFit YouAct.


1 CrossFit YouAct processes personal data of participants for the purpose of good business management, including maintenance or membership administration. For more information, check our privacy statement.

2 Changes to the personal situation of the member, such as address or bank account information, must be directly forwarded to CrossFit YouAct. If these changes are not communicated, and if CrossFit YouAct has to incur costs in order to discover the new personal data, these costs will be charged to the member.

3 Members give CrossFit YouAct permission to use photographic images and other types of recording of groups and/or individuals, subject to appeal, for editorial publication or promotional purposes. Personal data will be used exclusively for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties. Members can always opt-out of the use of photographic images.


1 The member must adhere to the instructions given by CrossFit YouAct in regards to clothing, necessary order, and discipline.

2 If such instructions and/or rules are violated, CrossFit YouAct is entitled to deny the participant access to the box and to terminate the membership unilaterally and immediately, without this leading to a reduction or refund of the membership costs.


1 All cases and/or situations in which the above terms do not provide, the management of CrossFit YouAct will assess and decide such cases exclusively.

2 CrossFit YouAct reserves the right to change house rules and terms and conditions at any time.


CrossFit at YouAct exists since January 2014. We want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, safe, and at home. With each other and for each other. CrossFit is different every day, the way life is different every day. Expect the unexpected and have lots of FUN!

Check your ego at the door. You train for yourself. To become better, fitter, and stronger. Be humble. There will always be someone better than you.

Be on time for lessons. Give yourself plenty of time to change clothes and start your training at ease.

Signing up for CrossFit lessons is mandatory. This can be done via SportBit.

Have you signed up for training, but are you not able to make it? Sign out at least four hours before training in SportBit, so that someone else can take your place.

Signing out of training without loss of a credit is possible until four hours before a session. Signing out of training within four hours leads to a loss of credit. Signing up for a session is possible until 1 minute before training.

Clean up your own materials, sweat, drinking bottle, chalk, and clothes. Treat all equipment with respect. The dropping of weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, bars or any other kind of weight should be done out of necessity rather than convenience.

Take responsibility. If you notice any damage to equipment or items, please bring this to attention to one of the trainers so we can repair or replace it.

Challenge yourself, but know your limits. You’re training at our box so we can help you become fitter. Need help? Contact your coach.

Play fair. No one cares about your score, but everyone notices when you’re cheating. Be honest to yourself and your fellow CrossFitters. Respect the rules of CrossFit. Full range of motion is exactly what improves you.

Try to train regularly. Everyone benefits from coaching and benefits from a good basic technique. Don’t limit yourself by physical complaints or an injury. There are always substitute exercises or adjustments to make in the training. Contact your trainer beforehand to adapt the training to your limitations.

You’re responsible for your own health, condition, and safety. Our sessions are not the easiest. We train at high intensity, an intensity that is perhaps higher than you’re used to. Do you have the feeling that the weight you’ve chosen is too heavy and feels uncomfortable? Tell your coach. This shows personal awareness, not weakness.

Use the knowledge of your coach. The best athletes are those who listen closely. We’re here for you and challenge the best in you.