CrossFit Strongman

Flipping big tires, lifting tree trunks, heavy stone balls… It’s all part of the game. Power and strength are the most important skills for the strongman. And not just brute force. A certain intelligence is also required, since most of the strongman elements consist of moving an everyday object as quickly as possible. An official strongman competition usually consists of six elements and can take a whole day! Often 2 or 3 elements are combined: a medley as they call it. An element can take a few seconds or sometimes a few minutes. This sport doesn’t just test physical strength, but also requires you to step on the gas. That results in a genuine stress test of the heart. That’s what we love about and is why we have added Strongman training to our program.

CrossFit Strongman can be done at any level. Everyone can participate. You can do every element with either light or heavy objects.

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