CrossFit specialty workouts

The CrossFit specialty workouts are meant for every athlete, starting or advanced, who wishes to train a specific part of CrossFit, either to improve his performance or to enjoy the extra activity. The CrossFit specialty workouts are intended to be used as an addition to your regular WODs. However, you are free to create your own schedule.


CrossFit Specialty workouts.

Consists of / Prices:

    • A. 5 sessions per month € 45,- per month.
    • B. 9 sessions per month: € 55,- per month.
    • C. 13 sessions per month: € 65,- per month.
    • D. 21 sessions per month: € 75,- per month.

    CrossFit 10 sessions card: 
    € 125,- valid for 6 months)

    1 hour.

    Number of participants:        
    Maximum of 6 to 10 depending on the type of workout

*These subscriptions are also valid for CrossFit Workout of the Day training sessions


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