CrossFit Endurance

Running, cycling, swimming, and rowing: cardiovascular health is of great importance for these sports. Other outdoor (team) sports such as field hockey and football also require a good cardiovascular system. CrossFit Endurance training offers elements of all these kinds of sports. After all, every CrossFit athlete wants to be fit in all sports.

However, the physique of a sprinter for example requires an certain approach. He needs an explosive initial speed and has a bigger muscle mass. A long distance runner needs something quite different. In our program we pay attention to both requirements. A CrossFit athlete wants to be able to cover a long distance as well as being fast and agile. In our CrossFit Endurance workouts we therefore put running, cycling, swimming, rope jumping and rowing together with athletics. The elements taken from the athletics are usually a little less technical than for example those taken to support CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting. Athletes who prefer just to work on their condition instead of thinking hard might feel more at home in these workouts.

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