Mathijs Op Heij

  • Ultimate Instability Level 1 and 2 - 2017
  • Various courses within physiotherapy for orthopaedic injuries concerned with movement - 2016/2017
  • Bachelor of Health in Physiotherapy - 2016


Growing up on a farm, I’ve been moving around and doing sports for as long as I can remember. “Where do you get energy?” was a question I used to hear a lot, and still hear regularly these days. In my teens and adolescent years I focused most of my energy on football and running, until I discovered CrossFit 3 years ago. The CrossFit box has been my second home ever since!

Thanks to my profession as a physiotherapist I can share my enthusiasm for movement with passion, even during an injury. CrossFit and physiotherapy are a match made in heaven. I’d love to guide you to a fit, healthy and injury-free body for the long term, where variation and fun are key!